Can tenacity be used in spring?

Tenacity pre-emergent applications must be done in the fall and early spring. For post-emergent applications, it is best to apply Tenacity herbicide to young, actively growing weeds and may require a second application after 2 to 3 weeks.

When not to use tenacity?

DO NOT use Tenacity on bentgrass, Poa annua, kikuyugrass, zoysiagrass, seashore paspalum and bermudagrass as these turfgrasses are sensitive to Tenacity applications. Herbicides also control weeds in one of two ways: before they germinate and emerge from the soil or after.

How soon can I apply tenacity?

  1. Apply Tenacity at 5-8 fl.
  2. Repeat application after second mowing or three to four weeks after emergence.

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Should I mow before applying tenacity?

Answer: When using Tenacity Herbicide or other post-emergent herbicides, you should not mow at least 2 days before or 2 days after applying the product.

Can you use too much tenacity?

Answer: You can apply Tenacity Herbicide multiple times per year as long as you do not exceed the maximum annual rate of 16 oz per Acre per year. To treat yellow nutsedge, you may need to reapply Tenacity after 2 to 3 weeks; be sure to use a non-ionic surfactant for post-emergent applications.

Can I put down tenacity and fertilizer at the same time?

Yes, you can use Tenacity Herbicide at the same time as a fertilizer either as a pre or a post emergent provided you use both at the correct usage rates per the labels.

Does tenacity need to be watered in?

After treating with Tenacity, you want the product to have at least 6 hours of dry time before any rain or irrigation occurs. You do not want/need to water after a post emergent application. We recommend using the spot treatment rate of Tenacity in the dense areas so as to not cause damage to your lawn.

What happens if it rains after applying tenacity?

Answer: If it rained less than 4 hours after applying Tenacity Herbicide, you will need to reapply, but wait until the area has dried. Tenacity Herbicide is labeled for Yellow Nutsedge so it should work if that’s what you have, just make sure to follow the label instructions.

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Do you pull weeds after spraying with tenacity?

Answer: No, We would not recommend pulling up any weeds because the product will not get into the root system, and the weeds may come back at that point.

Can I apply tenacity after I mow?

Other broadleaf herbicide considerations.

Tenacity (mesotrione) may be applied at seeding, or after seedlings have been mowed twice (or 4 weeks after seedling emergence, whichever is longer).

Does tenacity hurt grass seed?

That’s right, you can spray Tenacity down at the very same time you seed and get up to 21 days of pre-emergent activity without harming your newly germinating and growing grass seed. Here it is, right from the label: “New Seedings/New Lawn Establishment – Apply Tenacity at 5-8 fl. oz.

Can I seed my yard after tenacity?

Answer: Tenacity Herbicide can be used at the time of seeding or right after for most grass types. Fine fescue is the only grass seed that should not be used at the time of application. It is recommended that you wait 2-4 weeks after an application of Tenacity Herbicide to reseed with fine fescue.

How long does tenacity stay in soil?

Answer: Tenacity Herbicide does not last long as a pre-emergent, maybe about 30 days. It does state on the prodouct label also to use straight pre-emergent products like Prodiamine for long residaul control as a pre-emergent. 44 of 46 people found this answer helpful.

Does tenacity work in cold weather?

Tenacity Herbicide should be used when the temperatures are consistently above freezing on a daily basis. Your target temperature range will depend on whether you are using Tenacity for pre-emergent or post-emergent applications. This is typically between 65-85 degrees.

Will rain wash off tenacity?

How long after application before rainfall or irrigation can occur? Tenacity should be rain fast 1 hour after application. Rainfall or irrigation. One hour after application should not affect product efficacy.

Is surfactant necessary with tenacity?

Answer: No, when using Tenacity Herbicide as a pre-emergent a surfactant is not needed. Only when you are using it as a post-emergent. 152 of 163 people found this answer helpful.

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