Recipe: Whisky Sour by World Duty Free

To celebrate their 2014 Whisky Festival, World Duty free asked resident cocktail expert, Charlie McCarthy to revive this time old classic cocktail. Simplistic, classic and stylish, this drink is not for the faint-hearted as it really packs a  sour punch!   
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Recipe: Miss Whisky’s New Fashioned Cocktail

Out with the old, in with the new! To celebrate a classic spirit, World Duty Free has teamed up with Alwynne Gwilt aka Miss Whisky, to update one of the most classic cocktails around, the Old Fashioned. Using the blueprint of the Old Fashioned, Miss Whisky adds a playful
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Food Challenge – St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Dia Duit*, everybody… What are you upto this St. Patrick’s Day?  I’m not sure what I am doing, but I can tell you what I did do a few days ago… (You could think of it as ‘preemptive celebrations’ or something) The
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Review – Tate & Lyle Flavoured Sugars / “Sugar makes all things nice”

Do you ever get that ‘why did I say I will do this’ kind of feeling…? Well that’s exactly how I felt after being asked to write up about sugar. Sure I said, why not! Well when three bags of varying Tate and Lyle Sugars turned up on my doorstep I was at a loss as to what I
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Canned Food UK's Tomato Tuna Pilaf

Recipe – Tomato & Tuna Pilaf [Canned Food UK]

Aloha! Here at Tasting Britain we do try to do/be something of a public service, and so when I was contacted by a very friendly (and patient…) person called Jade on behalf of – I saw an opportunity to try and raise some awareness for an issue I
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Peter Eaton

Profile – Peter Eaton [Bootlegger Spirit]

Jack interviews Peter Eaton, the fine fellow behind the ‘white dog spirit’ Bootlegger, which is probably quite unlike anything you’ve ever drunk before (unless you have particularly unusual tastes in home brewing)… The recipe and
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Ins(pea)ration: Roasted Pea And Aubergine Dip With Toasted Pitta Bread

I really love peas and add them to lots of my meals but sometimes you forget how versatile they can be. Yes Peas! is an award winning campaign which focuses on the versatility, nutrition and convenience of peas and promotes their consumption in the age group 17-34. TV chef
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This week we are loving … Salad

This may seem like something so simple and so boring, but hey, the weather is hot and none of us can be bothered to eat/cook as much as usual. Salad doesn’t need to be boring … it also doesn’t need to be hard work to look like something creative and inspiring.
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