fish restaurant

Seabass Sharksfin Mevagissey

Review – The Sharksfin [Mevagissey, Cornwall]

Rating   In a word Crowdpleaser Cuisine In a prime position: just metres from the dock where fish is landed in one of Cornwall’s most traditional fishing villages, a sea loving gal like me will always associate The Sharksfin with fresh fish. But that’s not to say
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Pete considers everyone at the shop a member of the family

Profile – Pete Fraser [Harbour Lights]

Getting sustainable in fish Frequented by the Kaiser Chiefs, famous within the county, and run by a passionate fish and chip aficionado, Tasting Britain were invited to the relaunch of Harbour Lights in Falmouth, Cornwall. Aside from making fish and chips that Ricky Wilson writes
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Geales Chelsea Green's - Seafood Platter

Review – Geales [Chelsea Green]

Suited To People who want to explore the logical final evolutionary point of British fish and chips People who enjoy British cuisine in general People interested in that ‘Gastropub’ (the only word I could come up with) approach to developing traditional British dishes
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