Pitch up and eat local review

Book Review – Pitch Up Eat Local, [Ali Ray]

What with all the summer festivals, and the summer holidays fast approaching, we had a look at Ali Ray’s Pitch Up Eat Local book. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was sent this book, but what it contains is much more than just recipes. The premise To give it its
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Andy Bates of Eatmypies

QA – Andy Bates [Eatmypies]

We chat with street food crusader and all around cool cat Andy Bates, catching him inbetween world tours, baking and filming slots for the Food Network. He wants to see a more personal touch to food production, and for everybody to eat his pies. We’re OK with this…
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Profile – Fiona Cairns

Full name: Fiona Cairns Role: Creative Director DOB: 20.03.1955 Birthplace: Leicester Twitter: @FionaCairns Website: Fun Fact: Of all the many chocolatey things that Fiona could have chosen, she  loves Maltesers more than most…. J: Where did
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