Iconic Cornish Cream

Product Review – Rodda’s Clotted Cream

Most famous for their Cornish clotted cream, I actually can’t remember Rodda’s ever not being in my life. But that’s because I live down in Cornwall, pretty close to the place it’s made. So over the years I have seen them rebrand packaging from a traditional milk maid to the more
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Recipe: Jelly Belly Patriot Cake

Nothing says British like the Union Jack flag or a bit of afternoon tea, so why not combine both for the ultimate celebration of Britishness? Jelly Belly UK has worked with Helen Best-Shaw from www.fussfreeflavours.com to create this big British beauty of a cake.  
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The building blocks of baking: basic sponge cake

I was taught how to make a sponge mix at a ridiculously early age, so young in fact that I can’t remember exactly when it was. My Mum taught me how to cook and by about age 8, she generally left me to it to cook cakes on my own, as her guidance was no longer needed. I want to
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