This week we like…

Port Eliot Food News

Take me to Port Eliot

It’s that time of year again. Evening sunlight scorches the tops of buildings and there’s a golden hue of daffodils illuminating the fields. Social media and my inbox are filled with reports of food and festivals and sunshine, and the days have just got longer. Springing
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This week we are loving … Salad

This may seem like something so simple and so boring, but hey, the weather is hot and none of us can be bothered to eat/cook as much as usual. Salad doesn’t need to be boring … it also doesn’t need to be hard work to look like something creative and inspiring.
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This week we like …. Passoã

The sun is shining at long last here in Britain and to make the most of it we’ve been sipping some summer spirits. I discovered Passoã around 15 years ago in Spain and it made its way over here many years later. This is a refreshing Brazilian passion fruit liqueur that
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Desserts … big ones

In general I am far more of a savoury person than sweet, but I had the most amazing dessert on Thursday which, despite feeling a tad sick after eating, made me want to eat dessert like that everyday. I joined a couple of friends for lunch at Villandry on Great Portland Road and
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This week I’m loving… The Rainforest Alliance

Why? Because not only are they a pretty cool organisation and really nice people, they are helping to save some of the most awesome animals in the world. Plus they made this video to promote their Follow the Frog campaign and it makes m
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