Review: PizzaStorm [Wandsworth]

Our Samina heads down to a little known pizza chain in Wandsworth that has laid down some London routes. It’s called PizzaStorm and it’s really big on choices… Rating: Cuisine: Italian. Pizza and salad. Appeals to: Mostly families with young children. Hungry
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Review: The Test Kitchen by Adam Simmonds

Our Richard heads down to Adam Simmond’s latest venture, The Test Kitchen, in Soho. Nothing short of spectacular, he describes it as ‘fine dining for the mindfulness generation’… Rating: Appropriate for: Adventurous eaters with an open mind Chatty
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Review – Wellness Breakfast @ St. James Hotel & Club [London]

Today we’re going to take a man who doesn’t normally eat breakfast and send him to one of the fanciest hotels in London to eat their breakfast instead. Let’s see what happens…  Rating What Is It? The St James’s Hotel and Club’s Wellness
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Review: All Star Lanes [Brick Lane]

Rating: Cuisine: Retro-style American Appeals to: Groups. Family groups, friend groups, work mates looking to eat, drink and bowl. Being in a trendy part of East London, there’s a mix of locals and tourists. Surprisingly, there’s lots of people in suits too. In A Word:
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Review – TWID [Battersea]

We head down to a new spot in Battersea that is nothing less than theatrical. Eclectic combinations of food + a worthy drinks menu + a highly talented man named Toby singing Arias on table-tops = the craziness that is TWID (‘That’s what I do’). We
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Review: Thai Square [Covent Garden]

Our Rich – who is both highly discerning and well versed in Thai food, heads down to Thai Square’s place in Covent Garden. Planning to brave/test the menu by going off-piste, Rich is instead given a set menu, and not many choices. Predictably, the results
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Review – Grafene [Manchester]

Our Kelly tucks into a sumptuous tasting menu at Grafene… Rating:     In a word: Elegant Cuisine: British Appeals to: The inquisitive Atmosphere: Tucked away on the pristine periphery of King Street, Grafene has all the gravitas you’d expect from a
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Review – Smiths Of Smithfield [Cannon Street]

Our Jason (who could very well be the protagonist in a film about a genetically engineered super organism designed to eat beef and practice Wing Chun…) is sent down to Smiths of Smithfield’s new site in Cannon Street to see what all the steak and all the fuss is
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News / Review – Slug & Lettuce Menu Update For Spring / Summer 2017

If you live a large city the UK (or have at any point in the last 10 years or so) you probably know a little about the Slug & Lettuce. ‘The Slug’…56% bar, 34% club, 10% pub . Not yet ubiquitous, but it gets around. Youthful, but not quite on the level of the 3:30 AM closing
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Tasting Britain - The Champion Notting Hill Review 001

Review – The Champion [Notting Hill]

Our Tanya, confirmed gastropub skeptic, Mitchell and Butlers veteran and notoriously hard to please food person, heads down (or should that be up…?) to Notting Hill. She is in search of dinner and Picpoul de Pinet at The Champion… Rating: Cuisine: British Pub
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