Cocktail Recipe – Nichol Above The Dollar [By James Fowler from The Larder House Bar, Bournemouth]

J: Tanqueray’s Rangpur is still my favourite gin in the world, and though I don’t do a very good job at keeping up with the brand, every now and then I see something that it seems like a good idea to share with my fellow gin enthusiasts. Enter this recipe, recently
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Recipe – Mulled Martini by Masons Gin

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s getting a little wintry outside and that means festive flavours! Introducing the Mulled Martini by Masons Gin, bringing spice and fruity fusions to your Martini glass this winter. Enjoy!
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Recipe Cran de Berry 43 by Licor 43

Get a little festive spice in your glass with Licor 43’s Cran de Berry cocktail, featuring cranberry and cinnamon flavours. If you aren’t aware of it already, Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur made from citrus juices, vanilla, herbs and spices and is great for
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Recipe – Dark Chocolate Espresso Martini by Paramount, London

After a long day at the office, why not use Chocolate Week as the perfect excuse to relax with a cocktail? Why not visit the home of this luscious creation and let someone else do the hard work for you while you check out the views –  it can be found this week only at
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Recipe – Drake & Morgan’s Chocolate flip

It’s getting dark and wintry outside and your drink should match the mood. This little gem from the bar group Drake & Morgan was shared with us to bring a little winter comfort to those dark and dreary nights and lift your spirits with the power of Chocolate Week (and
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Recipe – Much too good for children, by the Queen’s Arms, Edinburgh

While chocolate is quite clearly a favourite among children, sometimes these things are just too good to share! This naughty but nice recipe has been shared with us by the Queen’s Arms pub in Edinburgh, who are celebrating Chocolate Week with a little something for the
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Black Ginger Royale champagne cocktail

Recipe – ‘Black Ginger Royale’

This is modified from the King’s Ginger‘s very own ‘Ginger Royale’ recipe . We wanted a celebratory drink that would also take the edge off of the recent, oppressive UK heatwave. We managed to come up with something that didn’t deviate too far from
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'Delamotte Dandy' champagne cocktail

Recipe – ‘Delamotte Dandy’

Another recipe we modified that tries to balance out the ‘Brutness’ (should I say ‘brutality’? ahahahahahaha) of Lanson‘s delicious Black Label Champagne with a few substances that’ll stimulate other regions of your tongue… The sloe gin
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Recipe: Whisky Sour by World Duty Free

To celebrate their 2014 Whisky Festival, World Duty free asked resident cocktail expert, Charlie McCarthy to revive this time old classic cocktail. Simplistic, classic and stylish, this drink is not for the faint-hearted as it really packs a  sour punch!   
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Recipe: Manhattan by World Duty Free

To celebrate their 2014 Whisky Festival, World Duty free asked resident cocktail expert, Charlie McCarthy to create something classical and smouldering. Reminiscent of New York’s jazz bars, the Manhattan is a fail-safe sophisticated option for whisky lovers.
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