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Tasting Britain - Simon & Camilla Bladon Jenkyn Place Interview-0105

Q&A – Simon & Camilla Bladon [Jenkyn Place]

Full names:  Simon Bladon: Father – Camilla Bladon: Daughter Role: Simon – Owner, Figurehead – Camilla – Marketing Manager AKA fixer/hustler! DOB: Simon: 16.5.1952– Camilla: 10.01.1987 Birthplace: Simon: Hull and Camilla: London Twitter Handle: @jenkynplacewine
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Tasting Britain - Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi Caprera Interview-0000

Q&A – Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi [Caprera]

Full name: Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi Role: Co-founder and CEO of Caprera  DOB: 05/10/1987 Birthplace: Paris Website: https://caprera.com Fun Fact: Every so often, Jeremy goes off the grid by attending Burning Man – first time in 2010 Jack: So let’s start at the
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Tasting Britain - Myles Hopper & Giles Humphries Mindful Chef Interview -0001

Q&A – Myles Hopper & Giles Humphries [Mindful Chef]

Full names: Myles Hopper & Giles Humphries   Roles: Co-Founders of Mindful Chef   DOBs: 15/04/1988 & 24/08/1986   Birthplaces: Exeter & Taunton   Twitter Handle: @MindfulChefUK   Website: mindfulchef.com   Fun
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Tasting Britain - Chef Tim Harrington Interview-0004

Q&A – Tim Harrington [Lord’s Cricket Ground]

Full name: Tim Harrington Role: MCC Executive Head Chef, Lord’s Cricket Ground DOB: 7/4/1963 Birthplace: Cardiff Twitter Handle: “I’m a bit of a dinosaur, so don’t do Twitter!” Website: https://www.lords.org Fun Fact: “I know very little about cricket
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Tasting Britain - Dario Ceccarelli Belgibeer Interview-0011

Q&A – Dario Ceccarelli [Belgibeer]

Full name: Dario Ceccarelli Role: CEO, Belgibeer DOB: 13 May 1982 Birthplace: Belgium Twitter Handle: @belgibeerEN @Cecarelo Website: www.belgibeer.com Fun Fact: “The King of Belgium has heard about us and likes what we’re doing!”  So, let’s start
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Tasting Britain - Charles & Ruth Simpson Wine Estate Interview-0008

QA – Charles & Ruth Simpson [Domaine Sainte Rose / Simpsons Wine Estate]

Full names: Charles and Ruth Simpson Roles: Owners, Domaine Sainte Rose in the Languedoc and Simpsons Wine Estate in Kent Birthplaces:  Ruth: Inverness, Scotland & Charles: Shoreham by Sea, Sussex Twitter: @simpsonwine  @DSRRuth  @DSRCharles
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Tasting Britain - Nick And Mary Galer Miller Of Mansfield Interview -0001

Q&A – Mary & Nick Galer [The Miller of Mansfield]

Full names: Nick Galer and Mary Galer Roles: Chef/Owner, FoH/Owner DOBs: 02/12/1978, 15/02/1980 Birthplaces: Plymouth, Wakefield Twitter Handles: @TheMillerofMan @NickGaler @Mary_Galer  Website: http://millerofmansfield.com/ Fun Facts: Nick challenges himself to
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Q&A – Caroline Stevenson [Foodinate]

Full name: Caroline Stevenson Role: Founder of the social enterprise, Foodinate DOB: 03/06/1992 Birthplace: Manchester Website: http://foodinate.co.uk Fun Fact: I once found myself swimming alongside a 30ft whale shark! K: As homelessness becomes an ever-bigger problem, it’s
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Tasting Britain - Matt and Steph Brown Wild Knight Vodka Interview-0000

Q&A – Steph and Matt Brown [Wild Knight Vodka]

Full names: Stephanie Jayne Brown and Matthew Douglas Brown Roles: Joint owners of Wild Knight English Vodka DOBs: 20.9.68 / 21.07.64 Birthplaces: England Twitter: @WildKnightVodka Website: www.wildknightvodka.co.uk Fun Fact: Steph passed her motorbike test a few years’ ago and
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Tasting Britain - QA - Ian George McDonald The Balvenie Interview more-0001

Q&A – Ian George McDonald [The Balvenie]

Full name: Ian George McDonald Role: Head Cooper, The Balvenie DOB: 14/02/1954 Birthplace: Dufftown, Moray, Scotland Website: https://uk.thebalvenie.com/ Fun Fact:  In 2019 Ian will have been a cooper for 50 years!   J: You started out back in 1969 right? Have
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