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Tasting Britain - Darryl McNally The Dubliner Interview 013

Q&A – Darryl McNally [The Dubliner]

Full name: Darryl McNally Role: Master Distiller/General Manager DOB: 4th September 1974 Birthplace: Derry Website: www.dublinerwhiskey.com Fun Fact: “I once played football against David Beckham” So let’s start at the beginning. You’ve been in the drinks industry for
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Tasting Britain - Karen Fistonich Villa Maria Winery Interview 008

Q&A – Karen Theresa Fistonich [Villa Maria]

Full name: Karen Theresa Fistonich Role: Chairperson DOB: 29-5-62 Birthplace: Auckland Twitter: @KarenFisto & @villamaria_wine Website: http://www.villamaria.co.nz/ Fun Fact: “My first Chairing role was at University as Chair of the Monty Python Appreciation
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Tasting Britain - The Asterley Bros Interview 001

Q&A – The Asterley Bros

Full name: Rob and Jim Berry Role: Liqueur Makers DOB: January 77 and March 85 Birthplace: Cambridge Twitter Handle: @asterleybros Website: www.asterleybros.com Fun Fact:​ “Our all time favourite videogame is Shenmue 2” So, let’s start at the beginning. Two brothers crafting
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Tasting Britain - Chef Alan White The Grand Brighton Interview 000

Q&A – Alan White [The Grand Brighton]

Full name: Alan White Role: Executive Chef at The Grand Brighton and Seafood Restaurant GB1. DOB: 06/10/68 Birthplace: Burton Upon Trent Twitter: @chef_alanwhite Website: http://www.grandbrighton.co.uk/dining-en.html Fun Fact:  Alan’s cooked for an array of celebrities
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Q&A – Howard Davies [Salcombe Gin]

Full name: Howard Lawrence Davies Role: Co-Founder and Director, Salcombe Distilling Co. DOB: 13th March 1977 Birthplace: Amersham, Buckinghamshire Twitter: @SalcombeGin Website: salcombegin.com Fun Fact: “…Once surfed the Severn Bore” Let’s start at the
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Q&A – Katherine Frelon

Full name: Katherine Susan Frelon, (formally Houchin) Role: Chef, Author and founder of La Ferme de la Lochere Cookery school in burgundy DOB: 17/12/67 Birthplace: Leigh on Sea Twitter Handle: @katherinefrelon Website: www.katherinefrelon.com Fun Fact: “I love to dance and
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Q&A – Kirsty Dunsmore [Edinburgh Beer Factory]

Full name: Kirsty Dunsmore Role: Founder / Head of Marketing DOB: 02/08/86 Birthplace: Edinburgh Twitter Handle: @edbeerfactory / @kirstyod Website: edinburghbeerfactory.co.uk Fun Fact: “I’m a qualified advertising practitioner and forklift truck driver” J: So, let’s
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Q&A – Matthew de la Hey [inploi]

Full name: Matthew de la Hey Role: Co-founder & CEO DOB: 11 October 1990 Birthplace: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Twitter Handle: @mattdlhey Website: https://inploi.com/ Fun Fact: I’m uncle to 6 nieces! So, let’s start at the beginning. You co-founded this thing with
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Q&A – Sean Wilson [Saddleworth Cheese]

Full name: Sean Wilson Role: MD Saddleworth Cheese Co’ DOB: 04/04/1965 Birthplace: Manchester Twitter Handle: @seanwilsonchef Website: saddleworthcheese.co.uk Fun Fact: “Loves cheese!!” [Ed: *groan*] So, let’s start at the beginning. Many will know you for
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Q&A – Benn Hodges [EatFirst]

Full name: Benn Hodges  Role: Head Chef, EatFirst DOB: June 1985 Birthplace: Brisbane Australia Twitter: @EatFirstHQ Website: www.eatfirst.com Fun Fact: “I eat too fast. I just love food and like to wolf it down, I should savour the
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