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Tasting Britain - James Mansfield Interview-0013

Q&A – James Mansfield [Field and Flower]

Full name: James Mansfield Role: Co-founder DOB: 08/04/83 Birthplace: London Twitter Handle: @fieldandflower Website: www.fieldandflower.co.uk Fun Fact: “…my great great grandfather was the head gardener at the Tortworth estate in Gloucestershire and planted the
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Tasting Britain - Andy Watts Bain’s Whisky Interview 021

Q&A – Andy Watts [Bain’s Whisky]

Full name: Andy Watts Role: Distell: Head of Whisky Excellence DOB: 04.10.60 Birthplace: Chapeltown, UK Twitter Handle: @TheWhiskyMaker Website: www.bainscapemountainwhisky.co.za Fun fact: “…as a cricketer, I batted left handed but bowled right handed” Born in
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Q&A – Andrea Freeborough [Nederburg]

Full name:  Andrea Freeborough Role:  Nederburg cellar-master DOB:  25 February, date not given Birthplace:  Zimbabwe Twitter Handle: @Nederburg Website:  www.nederburg.com Fun fact:  “I am an avid reader – my weakness is for who-dunnits
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Tasting Britain - Hanan Kattan Tabun Kitchen Interview 001

Q&A – Hanan Kattan [Tabun Kitchen]

Full name: Hanan Kattan Role: Founder, Tabun Kitchen DOB: 22nd May 1962 Birthplace: Amman Twitter: @hananfkattan Website: www.tabunkitchen.com Fun Fact: “I can’t cook!” So, let’s start at the beginning. You appear to have grown up in a family that really
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Tasting Britain - Ben Carfagnini Friarwood Fine Wines Interview 008

Q&A – Ben Carfagnini [Friarwood Fine Wines]

Full name: Ben Carfagnini Role: Managing Director Birthplace: Toronto, Canada Twitter Handle: @Friarwood Website: www.friarwood.com So, let’s start at the beginning – you were born in Canada, and you seem to have a background closer to landscape architecture than the
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Tasting Britain - Jas Hare Magic Spells Brewery Interview 009

Q&A – Jas Hare [Magic Spells Brewery]

Full name: Jas Hare Role: Company Director and Founder DOB: 25/09/76 Birthplace: East London Twitter Handle: @magicspellsbrew Website: www.magicspellsbrewery.co.uk Fun Fact: Jas has an infatuation with Eastern Bloc and Soviet Era cars. He currently owns the biggest private
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Tasting Britain - Johnny Niell Marylebone Gin Interview 003

Q&A – Johnny Neill [Marylebone Gin]

Full name: Johnny Neill Role: Founder of Marylebone Gin and Whitley Neill DOB: July 1972 Birthplace: Warrington Twitter: @JohnnyNeillGin Website: http://www.whitleyneill.com / www.marylebonegin.com Fun Fact: Has a soft spot for Elephant ornaments and collects them – all
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Tasting Britain - Natalie Wallis Langley Distillery Interview-0000

Q&A – Natalie Wallis [Langley Distillery / Palmer’s Gin]

Full name: Natalie Wallis (Palmer) Role: Group Commercial Manager, WH Palmer Group DOB: 17th October, at drinkstime! Birthplace: London Twitter Handle: @langleydistill / @palmersgin Website: www.langleydistillery.co.uk / www.palmersgin.com
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Tasting Britain - Constantinos Raptis Metaxa Interview 005

Q&A – Constantinos Raptis [Metaxa]

Full name: Constantinos (Costas) Raptis. Role: The METAXA Master DOB: [Not supplied] Birthplace: Greece Twitter: @METAXA_Official Website: http://www.metaxa.com Please tell us a little about yourself and your backstory. You studied both chemistry and oenology at the
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Tasting Britain - Germán Di Cesare Trivento Interview 003

Q&A – Germán Di Cesare [Trivento]

Full name: Germán Di Cesare Role: Winemaker Birthplace: Mendoza Twitter Handle: @geriswine Website: www.trivento.com  So, let’s start at the beginning. You started back at Trivento in 2002, fresh out of an enology degree at university, studying under veteran winemaker Manuel
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