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Tasting Britain - Stig Bareksten Gin Interview 001

Q&A – Stig Bareksten [Bareksten Gin]

Full name: Stig Bareksten Role: Master Distiller DOB: 27/11/1972 Birthplace: Bergen Twitter: @bareksten, @barekstengin Website: www.barekstenspirits.com Fun Fact: “Old boxer in Norway with merit. Domestic profile.” So, please give us a little backstory on your
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Tasting Britain - Alex Kammerling Mr Kamms Interview 003

Q&A – Alex Kammerling [Kamm & Sons]

Full name: Alex Kammerling Role: Founder/director DOB: 16/7/75 Birthplace: Surrey Twitter Handle: @kammandsons Website: www.kammandsons.com Fun Fact: “I once had a dump in Elton John’s toilet” [Ed: strong] J: Let’s start at the beginning. You launched Kamm
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Tasting Britain - James Hayman Haymans Gin Interview 006

Q&A – James Hayman [Haymans Gin]

Full name: James Hayman                     Role: Co-owner DOB: 28/8/76 Birthplace: UK Twitter Handle: @haymanjames Website: www.haymansgin.com  Fun Fact: “When I
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Tasting Britain - John MacDonald Balblair Interview 011

Q&A – John MacDonald [Balblair]

Full name: John MacDonald Role: Distillery Manager DOB: 31.05.1966 Birthplace: Inverness Twitter: @BalblairWhisky Website: www.Balblair.com Fun Fact: “I play guitar badly”. So, let’s start at the beginning. You’re a native highlander, and you ‘got
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Tasting Britain - Guy Wilmot Coffee Interview 013

Q&A – Guy Wilmot [Bird & Wild, Decadent Decaf]

Full name: Guy Wilmot Role: Owner and MD of Bird & Wild and Decadent Decaf DOB: 30/11/79 Birthplace: Wiltshire Twitter Handle: @BirdandWild and @DecadentDecaf Website: https://birdandwild.co.uk/ and https://www.decadentdecaf.com/ Fun Fact: Guy’s a fluent Russian speaker
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Tasting Britain - Chris and James Eat17 Interview 022

Q&A – James Brundle & Chris O’Connor [Eat17]

Full names: James Brundle & Chris O’Connor Roles: Directors and co-founders of Eat17 DOBs: James 20/01/1984, Chris 10/02/1984 Birthplaces: James: Harlow Essex, Chris: UCH London Twitter: https://twitter.com/EAT_17
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Tasting Britain - Philip Evans Pelagonia Interview 005

Q&A – Philip Evans [Pelagonia]

Full name: Philip Evans Role: Co-founder, The Pelagonia Range DOB: April 1981 Birthplace: Guildford Twitter Handle: @FilipEvans / @Pelagonia_Range Website: www.pelagonia.co.uk Fun Fact: “Once had my own cooking show on Macedonian TV.” So, let’s start at the
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Tasting Britain - James Mansfield Interview-0013

Q&A – James Mansfield [Field and Flower]

Full name: James Mansfield Role: Co-founder DOB: 08/04/83 Birthplace: London Twitter Handle: @fieldandflower Website: www.fieldandflower.co.uk Fun Fact: “…my great great grandfather was the head gardener at the Tortworth estate in Gloucestershire and planted the
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Tasting Britain - Andy Watts Bain’s Whisky Interview 021

Q&A – Andy Watts [Bain’s Whisky]

Full name: Andy Watts Role: Distell: Head of Whisky Excellence DOB: 04.10.60 Birthplace: Chapeltown, UK Twitter Handle: @TheWhiskyMaker Website: www.bainscapemountainwhisky.co.za Fun fact: “…as a cricketer, I batted left handed but bowled right handed” Born in
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Q&A – Andrea Freeborough [Nederburg]

Full name:  Andrea Freeborough Role:  Nederburg cellar-master DOB:  25 February, date not given Birthplace:  Zimbabwe Twitter Handle: @Nederburg Website:  www.nederburg.com Fun fact:  “I am an avid reader – my weakness is for who-dunnits
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