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Review – Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes

Really simple and easy to make bake-at-home kits that are packed full of superfoods. No they aren’t as sweet and indulgent as a chocolate bar, but you might feel better about yourself for eating these instead! Sweetpea Pantry is a fairly new kid on the block, helping
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Côtes du Rhône Red Wine - Gabriel Meffre – La Chasse Reserve

Product Review – Côtes du Rhône Wines Roundup 1

It is/was Syrah Day – drink this! Côtes du Rhône Wines got in touch a week before Syrah Day 2015 (which I did not know was a thing), with an invitation to try 6 wines that they picked out for an online tasting (didn’t know that was a thing either). I’m not entirely
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Review – Shaken Udder milkshakes

Made in the heartlands of Essex, Shaken Udder produces a great range of delicious milkshakes in the classic flavours, but with a lighter, fresher feel than many of its competitors. Shaken Udder began its life at music festivals before launching as a retail brand to all of the big
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Upbeat Blogger Challenge 2015 - Put Your Clothes Back On

Product Review / Food Challenge – ‘The Upbeat Challenge’

What’s going on here eh? Upbeat – a whey based protein drink who describe themselves as ‘a bit of extra willpower in a bottle’  challenged me to a week of high protein eating. I think the idea is getting people to be more active and to eat more protein. OK. So
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Signature By Harveys - 12 Year Old Blended Cream Sherry

Product Review – Harveys Signature – 12 Year Old Cream Sherry

Rating In A Nutshell 80% Palomino, 20% Pedro Ximénez  @ 19% ABV – moderate sweetness and eminent drinkability. Defined as ‘a premium cream sherry’, a category that I would have originally thought to be an oxymoron. Someone once described the Signature Blend
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Tin Cup is a relatively new whiskey hailing from Colorado, USA. It's technically a bourbon, but is higher in rye than most other bourbon whiskies. It's the product of Jess Graber, who by all accounts is a pretty busy guy who's been distilling stuff for 40odd years on the side whilst he did other stuff with his life. He recently went full time as a distiller, which sounds fun. Tin Cup's name is a homage to miners in Colarado who would drink their whiskey in tin cups (in between smashing stone part in the search for gold). It is apparently made using grains exclusively from the Mid West, and cut with Rocky Mountain water - making it very much a product of its environment (and what a beautiful environment that i!). There's another place in Colorado actually called Tin Cup, though I dunno if that's anywhere near where Jess is (Colorado is quite big). I think Jess was involved with Stranahan's whiskey as well.

Product Review – Tincup American Whiskey

Rating Price: Circa £30 In a Nutshell: Some unusual spicy flavours matched up with the familiar bourbon taste, a nice finish and a cool branding. I’d call it pretty good value for money. Turns out they make whiskey in Colorado… Tin Cup is a relatively new whiskey
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Many people know Cotswolds based Adnams for either their brewing or their bars, but they're also pretty prolific as a distillery too. Adnams produce at least one kind of whisky (here is proof - ABV 43% - ya geddit? HA!). This one's a single malt produced entirely from East Anglian barley and matured in new French oak casks, though they don't give us an age statement on how long. The one you're looking at is the second batch, the first was released in December of last year . Asides from the whisky, Adnams also have a pretty wide range of gins, vodkas, an 'eaux de vie de biere' (thermonuclear beer?) and a few different coloured absinths! You get the impression that whoever runs the distillery is pretty fearless, I'd love to visit them at some point and see where all this stuff comes from.

Product Review – Adnams – ‘No. 1’ Single Malt English Whisky (second batch)

Rating Price: Circa £45 Who said the English couldn’t make whiskey? Many people know Cotswolds based Adnams – either for their brewing or for their bars, but they’re also pretty prolific when it comes to distilling. Adnams produce at least one kind of whisky
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Santi Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Italian Red Wine

Product Review – Mondial Wine: Roundup 1

Wanna talk about vino Italiano? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the voice in your head reads the following? ‘Italian Wine’ Chianti? Maybe Barolo? Ripasso perhaps? None of these? Sure, almost everybody’s had and enjoyed a glass of
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Clear, fresh

Product Review – Jing Organic Jade Sword Tea

Rating   Price About £5.60 for 50g In a nutshell A delicate tea, which has an ethical conscience and whispers about its coastal origins, rather than shouting in a guns-blazing kind of way. To appreciate a Jing tea you need to have a decent infuser in order to get the
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The Ardmore Legacy - Single Malt Whisky Review [Bottle]

Product Review – The Ardmore Legacy

Rating Price: Circa £30 In a Nutshell: Its light colour could suggest  a younger whisky (there’s no age statement and I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess). Overall I’d say it is good drink, but somewhat one dimensional. As an introduction to peated whiskies
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