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Two Chicks Chirps Egg White Crisps

Product Review – Two Chicks Chirps Egg White Crisps

  Say what? So this sounds kind of odd, right? Crisps made of egg whites. I mean, actually, as someone on a perpetual crusade to eat more protein and less calories, they certainly sounded intriguing. Two Chicks’ egg whites are very popular for people wanting to avoid
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Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Liqueur

Review – Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Our Jack takes a crack at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery’s latest expression – ‘Tennessee Fire‘. Because that’s what we do! Rating Price Circa £25 In A Nutshell It certainly does what it says on the label. Cinnamon and fire and sweetness, but
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Review – Sea Salted Caramel Liquid Fudge, Fudge Kitchen

I have a new sweet addiction! Even the sound of it has me drooling … Fudge Kitchen’s Liquid Fudge is utterly amazing, gooey, sweet and highly addictive. You need this in your life! These little jars are busting with tasty fudge sauce that can be used in a host of
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Laphroaig Select Scotch Whisky

Product Review – Laphroaig Select Single Malt Whisky

Rating Price Circa £30-35 In A Nutshell Still Laphroaig, still peaty, but with more tobacco smoke flavours and sweetness than expected. Also economical.  New Casks, New Approach… You are looking at The Laphroaig Select. It has divided opinions as apparently a detour
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Jim Beam Maple Liqueur

Product Review – Jim Beam Maple Liqueur

Rating Price: Circa £20 In a Nutshell: Liquid heroin with a maple finish! Sweet but not at all cloying. It’s not really a whiskey but we don’t care! Faith in whiskey liqueurs… restored What you see here is a maple liqueur made with 4 year old Jim Beam whiskey and some
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Adnams Spirit of Broadside ‘Eau De Vie De Bier'

Product Review – Adnams Copper House Distillery’s ‘The Spirit of Broadside’

Rating Price: Circa £35 In a Nutshell: Beer whiskey… beersky? Starts off with the honeyed sweetness and the olfactory kick of a whiskey, but finishes with the unmistakable hop taste that beer drinkers know and love. Quite unlike anything else I’ve ever drunk. I guess it
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tasting britain - review little's coffee - 4 various flavours

Product Review – Little’s Coffee

So, flavour infused, luxury instant coffee is actually a thing. Seems too good to be true. Our Jack puts it through its paces and is pleasantly surprised with the results. Turns out that this is some damn fine coffee. The catch? It’s pricey and it
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Go Figa Review

Product review Go figa

When I was asked to review Go Figa I thought “I’ll give fig a go”. According to the press release figs are the new superfood. I don’t agree with the liberal use of this term, but I have always liked figs, and continue to do so in this powdered form. What
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Cornwall's lobster is delicious

Product Review – Cornish Lobster Bisque – Fish for Thought

Rating   In a word Velvety Hafnarfjörður Whilst the above may look like a baddie laughing fnarfnar, it’s actually an Icelandic fishing village just outside of Reykjavík, and means harbour fjord. I’ve been told off before by friends to my constant
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Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry

Product Review – Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Whiskey

Rating Price: Circa £20 In a Nutshell: Easy drinking but much too sweet for my tastes. Probably suited to people who don’t really like to drink whiskey too much, but like the idea of drinking whiskey. Or who want to get into more whiskies and need a starting point quite
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