Product Reviews - Asahi Super Dry Black Beer

Product Review – Asahi Super Dry Black

Shepherd Neame have a new Asahi. It’s black, dry and the label looks amazing. Our Jack takes a crack at it… In a nutshell: Very easy drinking, though not all that much character, and not much on the palette. Doesn’t really taste what you’d expect it to. Light, ‘sessional’ and
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Tasting Britain - WheyHey Protein Ice Cream Review-0004

Product Review – Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream

Our Jack puts Wheyhey’s frozen offerings to the test and finds that, on the main part, ‘protein ice cream’ lives up to the hype. Hype you say? Read on… What Is It? Whey protein ice-cream. High protein, low carb, low fat, lower calorie and relatively close
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BRITA Fill&Go Bottle - Refillable water bottle

Review – BRITA Fill&Go Bottle

Our Kelly gives the new BRITA bottle a whirl to see if it makes a splash… Staying hydrated on the go can be a hassle. And when you’re buying countless bottles of water, it can soon start to add up. A refillable water bottle may not be the most exciting purchase you
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Tasting Britain tries Quinlan's smoked salmon

Product Review – Quinlan’s smoked salmon

Rating   In a nutshell Since receiving my fish, the organic, wild salmon from Quinlan’s has won a Great Taste award. I can totally vouch for why. A delicate, sweet oak smoke with rich buttery salmon made this a really high quality smoked salmon, that would make an
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You are looking at the Speyside Beinn Dubh - a black single malt from SPEY / AKA Speyside Distillery, who hail from near Kingussie. Perhaps not as well known as some of the other distilleries in the area, SPEY nevertheless have a cult following and have been putting out deliciousness since 1990. This is their latest and, like many whiskies, has a most excellent story to go with it. It was launched at Thunder In The Glens, Europe’s biggest Harley Davidson motorcycle rally, on 30 August, 2015 - and supposedly road tested on a bunch of bikers (don’t drink and drive OK?). What’s ‘Beinh Dubh’ then? It was the name given to Ben Macdui – the highest peak in the Cairngorm mountain range, by a professor who climbed it way back in 1891. It’s also the second highest peak in Scotland, second only to Ben Nevis. The Cairngorms are also the supposed home of a ‘malign humanoid entity’ (which is coincidentally a good way told describe me in the morning) - which known locally as ‘Fear Liath Mor’ (‘Big Grey Man’). The Big Grey Men were said to stalk those who trespassed into their territory. It is not known whether the Big Grey Men were actually real, or if they enjoyed a dram, but I am going to go with ‘yes’ on both counts because it makes the story more interesting :3 Back to the whisky - water used in its production comes from the Black Mountain and it’s finished in toasted port casks from the Douro Valley in Portugal (the place where port comes from!). In keeping with the ‘black’ theme, it’s an unmistakable, rich, ruby-black colour.

Review – Speyside Distillery Beinn Dubh Black Whisky

A black whisky issues from the Black Mountain. We get a bottle and see what happens. And what happens is molasses.  Rating Price  Circa £50 In a Nutshell Moderately fiery blackstrap molasses flavoured joy juice from the Black Mountain. Add just a little water for a
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A collaboration between Jameson and Beavertown brewery. Blended Irish spirit finished in some of Beavertown’s Imperial Stout casks. So far, the best tasting whiskey I have ever had the pleasure of drinking in my house. Creamified dark chocolate and citrus booze joy from Ireland with an Imperial Stout twist. It is far rarer than it should be, but despite this, is economically priced! Absolutely and entirely delicious, and super easy to drink. I have never met a ‘regular’ priced, unadulterated whiskey that is so ‘mouth friendly’. Would very much give this to new whiskey drinkers and get them on the bandwagon ASAP (no pressure, obviously). More so for stout/trappist ale people. I wonder if the other brewery collaborations have worked quite so well? Well done Jameson *slow clap*

Review – Jameson Caskmates [Beavertown Stout Edition]

Jameson Irish Whiskey and Beavertown Brewery get together and everyone in the world has an orgasm in their mouth at the same time… Rating Price Circa €40 In A Nutshell Creamified dark chocolate and citrus booze joy from Ireland with an Imperial Stout twist. It is far
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Board Game

Product Review – Smorgasboard

Foodie board games…it’s a thing Isn’t it unfair that pub quizzes rarely feature a food round? Sure, I may not know who scored the winning goal in the 1982 World Cup, or the capital of Angola, but ask me about the core ingredients of a cassoulet and I’m your
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Luxury preserves

Product Review – Coeur de Xocolat Jams

Looking for something a little bit different to spread on your seeded loaf? Our Kelly raises a toast to the Coeur de Xocolat collection; a luxury twist on Britain’s best loved jams. As someone who faces the existential dilemma of what to put on toast on a Sunday morning, when the
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Zing Vodka Red Velvet

Product Review – Zing Vodka Red Velvet

Our Jack puts Zing Vodka Red Velvet through its paces and is pleasantly surprised by the experience of drinking something a little like brandybutter. SUBTLETY IS FOR WEAKLINGS  Rating Price ??? In A Nutshell Brandybutter booze mouth pornography in a crazy
Read More - Glen Moray Classic Peated Single Malt Whisky

Product Review – Glen Moray Classic Peated Single Malt Whisky

Elgin’s Glen Moray distillery decide to they’re going to peat one their new single malts. We imbibe the results and report in…   Rating Price Circa £20-25 In A Nutshell A very well priced peaty ‘table whisky’. In terms of flavour, it is
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