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Tasting Britain - For Goodness Shakes Review-0001

Review: For Goodness Shakes Protein Coconut Water

Our Jason takes a crack at For Goodness Shakes’ – a high protein coconut water that claims to deliver hydration and body building essential amino acids. They come with quite a price-tag, but they’re also rather convenient. Are they worth it? Read
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Loula's Superfoods Review

Review: Louola’s Superfoods, Quinoa Sprinkles – ‘Coconut, Cashew and Beetroot’ Flavour

What is it? Quinoa sprinkles – refined sugar, gluten, grain, wheat, dairy free and suitable for vegans. Rating: It contains: Quinoa, amaranth puffs, coconut, cashews, beetroot, sunflower seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. Serves: 300g and 15 servings. Calories
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Product Review – The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold Whisky

With origins stretching back to 1775, and the current title of ‘UK’s best selling blended scotch’, The Famous Grouse could be said to be very famous indeed. Recently, the folks behind this whiskey decided to create something a little different and what
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Burts Lentil Waves Review

Product Review – Burts Lentil Waves

Our Kelly gives lentil waves a whirl, to deliver the verdict on these vegetable crisps… What Is It?  It’s all in the name, really. Burts have switched potatoes for lentils to create a healthier range of crisps that give these traditional snacks a run for their money. How
Read More - anCnoc Blas Single Malt Scotch Whisky / Patrick Grant Limited Edition

Product Review – anCnoc Blas Whisky

As far as whisky distilleries go, anCnoc (pronounced ‘a-nock’) is both underdog and cult favourite. We got our hands on ‘Blas’ (‘taste’) – their new, limited run collaboration with  BBC presenter/creative director/fashion
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Tasting Britain - Grants Family Reserve Whisky Review-0000

Product Review – Grant’s Family Reserve

Certainly one of the most well known and reasonably priced whiskies in the UK, Grants Family Reserve can be found in off-licences and bars all over the country. Popular as it is, is it any good? Our resident whisky obsessive, Jack, takes a more detailed look at the ‘Real O
Read More - Grant’s Signature Whisky

Product Review – Grant’s Signature Whisky

Grants whisky… much beloved of corner shops all over our fine island(s). At 130 years old, and with 6 generations of heritage, there’s more to what they offer than you might think. We get our hands on the ‘signature’ blend and see what this 130 year old distillery thinks its
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Tasting Britain - Product Review In The Nood Energy Balls-0000

Review – In The Nood, ‘Simply Cacao’ Flavour

Our Jason gets his hands on In The Nood‘s Simply Cacao flavour. Gluten free, raw, vegan, paleo and more. It’s ENERGY BALLS FOR YOUR ENERGY LEGS.   What is it? Energy ball mixture, gluten free – paleo – raw – no processed sugar. In this
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Tasting Britain - Multipower Formula 80 Evolution Cookies & Cream Review-0001

Product Review – Multipower Formula 80 Protein Powder (Cookies & Cream Flavour)

Tasting Britain’s resident meathead, Jack, gets his hands on some protein from Multipower – not quite so well known around here but big in Germany (like big German people). It consists of 4 types of protein and you could drink it for dessert. Verdict? do you even lift 
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Tasting Britain - Ibiza Ice Drink Review-0001

Product Review – Ibiza Ice

Our Rick (who is immune to both the cold and to criticism), puts sparkling wine cocktail brand Ibiza Ice’s premise/promise of ‘every day is a holiday‘ to the test. In his back garden. In winter. In flip flops. Does he succeed?
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