Product Reviews - Highland Park 12 year old whisky

Review – Highland Park 12 Year Old Whisky

Highland Park’s ’12’. Jack’s been happily drinking this stuff for years (and may he drink it for many more…). With this in mind, it seemed high time that we finally gave a few more column inches to the flagship whisky of one of our very favourite
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Tasting Britain - Bluw Star Wars X Ring Knife Block Review b-0001

Product Review – Bluw Star Wars X Wing Knife Board

Jack: When someone invited me to try a knife rack shaped like an X-Wing, the only answer I could give was “why the hell not?!”. So yeah, I certainly did not need an X wing shaped knife rack, but with something this…memorable, the review was basically going to
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Tasting Britain - OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review-0001

Product Review – OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Our Jack, who makes no efforts to hide his reliance upon caffeine and a love of good coffee in all its forms, gets his hands on a new and exciting way to prepare his coffee. The results are…wonderful *caffeine spasms* Rating: What is it? Homeware giant OXO’s take on a
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Sidekick review

Product Review – Sidekick Hot Sauces

Our Kelly turns up the heat as she samples up-and-coming hot sauce range, Sidekick. What is it? A collection of hot sauces that covers the whole kick-o-meter range, from mild and creamy to knock your socks off hot. Designed to banish bland flavours, this fun hot sauce brand has a
Read More - The Lakes Distillery 'Sherry Cask Version Of THE ONE'

Review – The Lakes Distillery ‘Sherry Cask Version Of THE ONE’

Just in case anyone missed it, there’s a distillery in Cumbria making whiskey (amongst other things…). We managed to get our hands on a limited edition bottle of one their blended whiskeys. This one has been finished in a sherry cask and is simply called ‘THE
Read More - DAPPA Grappa

Product Review – Devon Distillery DAPPA Grappa

A guy called Cosmo Caddy has started a distillery in Devon making a grape-marc spirit that is technically Grappa but, as it doesn’t come from Italy, has to be called something else. He decided to call it Dappa and our Jack decided to give it a go! A milestone
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Tasting Britain - Blueberry Sports Slender Shakes Review-0000

Product Review – Blueberry Sports Slender Shake

Jack, Tasting Britain’s resident meathead, discovers a new whey protein product: just launched and fresh off the production line! And so, he tries it for a few weeks and compares it with a large and popular competitor… Verdict? do you even lift  What is it? A pre-prepare
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Tasting Britain - beurer wl30 dawn simulator 001

Product Review – Beurer WL 30 Dawn Simulator

Our Jack (almost always) has problems getting up in the morning, and so he gives the ‘light therapy alarm clock’ concept a whirl. Verdict? A promising idea backed up with plenty of science that doesn’t really deliver on a practical level…
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firefly drinks

Product Review – Firefly Drinks

What is Firefly? London born, Firefly is a drinks brand using freshly sourced botanical components, mixed with delicious fruit juices. Those who enjoy at least some part of the calendar without alcohol may enjoy the healthy and tasty flavour combinations of Firefly
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Tasting Britain - Phytomega-3 Supplement Product Review-0000

Product Review – BioCare Phytomega – 3

Someone started making omega 3 supplement out of plankton (instead of fish or krill). Intrigued, our Jack decided to put it to the test and see how it stacked up against ‘regular’ high strength fish oil from a major competitor. Here’s what happened: What is it? An omega 3 softgel
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