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ASDA Bradshaw Pinot Noir Wine

ASDA Wine Roundup #1 – ‘The Semi Pinot Noir Edition’

How do you feel about supermarket wines? Myself… I’m optimistic. With a bit of searching, I’ve found that you can turn up a few gems… and like any addict, I’m always looking for my next big score. So, that said, someone came up with
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The Wild Geese Collection/Distillery are an Irish outfit that produce a number of spirits, many of which that have won awards. I've yet to try their rum, or their honey liqueur (not sure how I feel about honey liqueur - though Mead is TUFF). Their single malt (which you can see here, as of yet unopened) has been doing pretty well, winning Best Non-Age Irish Malt in the World Whisky Awards 2011 and 94 points from the Ultimate Beverage Challenge. They also produce some blended whiskies, also as of yet untried but promising if all the reviews are anything to go by. The Wild Geese is also a reference to expatriate Irish soldiers and emigrants (exiled and otherwise) - who can be found all over the world today (the Irish are a bit like dust scattered to the wind - hell, even I am half Irish!). I think the original use of the term 'The Wild Geese' was to refer to a Jacobite army who left Ireland to fight in France, Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe in the late 1600s. I dunno if they did very well or not.

Product Review – Wild Geese Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Rating Price: Circa £50 In a Nutshell: Combines all the smoothness you come to expect from Irish whiskey with some memorable theatrics on the palette. It feels like something even the most jaded/seasoned whisky drinker will experience as different (and I’m neither jaded nor
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Review – Mash Direct

Pre-prepared vegetables just took on a whole new persona. These dishes, prepared by a Northern Irish family at their own farm, bring a range of delicious flavours and textures that genuinely taste home-made and are free from all of the nasties that usually come with instant
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Review – Belgian Chocolate Pizzas from The Present Finder

Looking for something a little bit different to give as a gift this Christmas? How about a pizza made entirely from chocolate and all things sweet? This gem comes from the guys at Present Finder and can be bought as a whole pizza or as slices.  When we were told about this,
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Review – New Covent Garden Soups

Winter is here and I don’t know about you, but for me that means warm, tasty and hearty soups are required. Great for a healthy lunch to get you through the day, as a starter or a meal in itself, soup is very versatile and enjoyed by all. The New Covent Garden Soup Co has a
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WineWeaver Aerator in black

Review – WineWeaver Aerator AKA ‘Tasting Britain Tries Aerating Alcohol And It Actually Works’

Rating Price £24.99 What’s it supposed to do? You pour your wine through the WineWeaver (which sits on top of your wine glass/decanter) and through the process of aeration, the wine should taste better. The Verdict It does indeed change the taste. Usually, but not
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Review – Bonne Maman Chocolate Galettes

Sweet, crunchy and luxury biscuits, packaged in twos to stay fresh and to eat on the go. These biscuits taste very naughty but nice and can curb some of the strongest sweet cravings. You’ll probably know Bonne Maman as the creators of the collection of jams with the red
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Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey

Product Review – Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Rating:  Price: £130-150ish In A Nutshell: A bloody good Tennessee whiskey – great taste, great finish, dangerously easy drinking but I don’t buy the Sinatra thing and wouldn’t spend £150 on this one! *Insert joke about ‘Frankness’ here*
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Highland Park Dark Origins Whiskey Bottle

Product Review – Highland Park’s Dark Origins

Rating: Price: £65ish In A Nutshell: Tastes amazing but the finish is too short. Would recommend to new whisky drinkers with just a few drops of water added as the burn is subtle and quick to pass. Dark Origins So, we begin our first whisky review with much beloved Orkney based
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Review – Slim Fruits

New from Australian confectionery company Ferndale, Slim Fruits claims to be the healthiest sweet on the market. But what are they really like? We look at the taste, the look and ultimately the science behind this “diet friendly” sweet treat.    The look The
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