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ASDA Extra Special Tasgall Whisky 25 Year Old - Blended Scotch

Product Review – ASDA ‘Extra Special’ Tasgall Whisky 25 Year Old – Blended Scotch

Rating Price: Circa £50 In a Nutshell: Well, definitely an impressive first go for a premium whisky – and at a very impressive pricepoint for a 25 year. Nice, rich gold colour, and some cool branding – though it obviously lacks the rich history and heritage that most
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Iconic Cornish Cream

Product Review – Rodda’s Clotted Cream

Most famous for their Cornish clotted cream, I actually can’t remember Rodda’s ever not being in my life. But that’s because I live down in Cornwall, pretty close to the place it’s made. So over the years I have seen them rebrand packaging from a traditional milk maid to the more
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Review – Marley Spoon ‘dinner in a box’

So easy even my boyfriend could do it! Marley Spoon is a new company on the block, which looks to inspire people to cook more adventurously. They offer a unique service, delivering ingredients and tried and tested recipes right to your door. What do you get? The chefs at Marley
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these add a nice touch to vodka

Review – Enhance (for water)

For people who love flavour but don’t want to compromise on calories, enhance is a little pocket sized addition that makes water, well enhanced! For someone like me, however, who thinks the only thing that should be added to water is ice and maybe a slice of cucumber, my natural
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Review – Chocolate bouquets from The Flower Stork

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and for many this means purchasing a big bunch of red roses for their nearest and dearest? But what if your significant other is less flowery and more foodie? The Flower Stork has a fantastic range of gifts to suit everyone you know. We tried
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Endorsed by the World Robert Burns Federation, the Robert Burns Single Malt is produced by Isle of Arran Distillers who, unsurprisingly, are based on the Isle of Arran (they're actually the only distillery on the island, and started production as recently 1995). The Robert Burns comes in at 43% ABV - it's about 70% bourbon cask aged, 30% sherry cask aged. This was sent to me as I had plans to do something fun/stupid for Burns Night 2015 (and it doesn't get any more Robert Burns than this, does it?). The Arran also make the 'Robert Burns Blend' - which I have yet to try. In case you weren't aware, Robert Burns is one of Scotland's favourite people - he was a poet and writer, and Burns night is a celebration in his honour with haggis, whisky, music and poetry. All good stuff.

Product Review – Isle of Arran Distillery – Robert Burns Single Malt

Rating Price: Circa £30 In a Nutshell: Not memorable but an OK to slightly good whisky. As in, one you’d happily drink but not one that really sticks with you. It feels like it delivers at its price point. Maybe it is a little immature? In appearance it could pass for a
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The Macallan 1824 series - Sienna Whisky

Product Review – The Macallan Sienna [1824 Series]

Rating Price: Circa £60 In a Nutshell: Not a beginner’s whisky – it has quite a fiery kick. Lots of complexity, lots of flavour but I was hoping for more subtlety at this price point (this is personal preference, however, I think I gravitate towards less
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not a drop of honey in sight!

Review – Kelly’s Ice Cream

Rating:  7/10 Price: £3.00 is for a massive litre. I mean a LITRE of ice cream! That should be illegal shouldn’t it? Pre warning: Unbeknownst to Kelly’s when they put in the request for a review of their ice cream; I had a bitter taste in my mouth. Having spent every summer
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The Macallan 1824 series - Amber Whisky

Product Review – The Macallan Amber [1824 Series]

Rating: Price: Circa £45 In a Nutshell: On the whole this is a subtle and sweet dram – like Gold it feels like it would make a good summer and/or ‘go to’ whisky (because why not drink whisky in the summer, eh?) That said, at this price point it also feels
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The Macallan 1824 series - Gold Whisky

Product Review – The Macallan Gold [1824 Series]

Rating: Price: Circa £35 In a Nutshell: The best value of the 1824 Series in this whisky lover’s humble opinion. Light, smooth, easy drinking – a good entry level single malt at a reasonable price. Refreshing, insofar as something that is 40% alcohol by volume can be
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