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Cookbook Review – Create Beautiful Food at Home

As the young Irish chef goes from strength to strength, Shekha tries out the latest cookbook from rising star Adrian Martin.  Rating Appeals To Foodies (obviously), beginners looking to take the next step, people looking for a unique and thoughtful gift to loved ones (or
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Review – Bokksu Snack Box

Bokksu, a monthly subscription box for regional Japanese snacks, will brighten the lives of  Rating Appeals To Japanophiles will love the wide selection of snacks that are available with each box, which all showcase a different region in the country. Those looking for a
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Review – SHØRE Seaweed Puffs

SHØRE Seaweed Puffs are the latest in a wave of nibbles designed for healthy snacking. High in nutrients and low in calories, but with the satisfying crunch of a crisp, it is easy to see the appeal.  Rating Appeals To Umami heads will love the mega-savoury taste of these
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Review – WOW Body Cleanse Charcoal Drink

    Shekha tries WOW’s new larger size Body Cleanse drinks with, magic ingredient, activated charcoal… Rating Appeals To Anyone really – it is delicious – but in particular, fizzy drink fans wanting a healthy alternative, detox enthusiasts, those
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Crunchy, sweet, salty., sticky - generally amazing food

Review – Tudor Pralines

How one blacksmith became the king of sweet almonds Located in between some of the bigger boys of festival munch Tudor Pralines is almost hidden. I watch from across the path and see countless people miss it as they move from stall to stall. But to skip Nathan Williams’
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Review – Golden Era Gluten-Free Beer

Shekha tries a new brand of beer catering to a gluten-free crowd… Rating Appeals To Beer enthusiasts looking for something different Anyone who has wondered what fermented ancient grains are like Clean drinkers will appreciate the all-natural ingredients Those who can’t
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Review – Green Lady Sparkling Tea

Shekha toasts the arrival of warmer weather with a refreshing glass of Green Lady Sparkling Tea… Rating Appeals To Iced tea lovers, fizzy drink fans wanting a healthy alternative, tea enthusiasts, mixologists, gin drinkers, summertime pub frequenters, those seeking an
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Tasting Britain - Blue Pure 411 Air Filter Review-0000

Product Review – Blue Pure 411 Air Filter

The guys at Blue Air wanted us to try out one of their air filters. Living just adjacent to one of the most polluted parts of London, we thought we would take them up on their offer… Rating: What is it? A lightweight indoor air filter with a minimalist, futuristic
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Tasting Britain - Elk Warning - Blackberries.jpg copy

Review: Crafted Warning Beer

An exciting import from Sweden, Crafted Warning’s Sofiero brewery has released a brand new range of treats.    Rating Appeals To Craft beer enthusiasts will enjoy checking this microbrewery off of the list, but the beers are very drinkable and I feel that they appeal to
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Advent Calendar 2017

Christmas – Best Advent Calendars of 2017

The countdown to Christmas is always a good excuse to indulge, and what better way than to start each day with a treat to get into the festive spirit? This year at Tasting Britain, we went all out and did a roundup of our favourite Advent calendars of the season. Aside from the
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