Guide – Beer Homebrewing

Unless you live under a rock that has no beer in it whatsoever, you’ve probably noticed the ever increasing popularity of homebrewing (maybe) and craft beer (definitely). Of course, homebrewing is nothing new – make your own beer on the cheap? Yes please! People have
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Yummy Yorkshire - Ice Cream Vat

Guide – Ice Cream Making With Louise Holmes

Jack: I’m quite sure that you, like me, have eaten a fair amount of ice cream in your time. There’s ample choice, even for the pickiest eaters – if you’re diabetic… go sugar free. If you’re vegan – maybe it’s milk free for you… examples aboun
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IWC bottles blind tasting

Guide – What’s The IWC, Why Should You Care?

If you’re a wine drinker, you’ve probably heard of the International Wine Challenge (IWC). For decades now, the IWC has played a big part in deciding what ends up in the supermarkets and in the restaurants where we get our vino from. The IWC also helps
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Barrels o' wine

Guide – Port Wine with Adrian Bridge

A few weeks ago it was Portugal Day, which lead me to ask the question – when you think about the food and drink of Portugal, what comes to mind? For me it’s port, piri-piri and bacalhau. At the time it seemed easier to write about fortified wine than salted
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Farmer Andrew Shufflebotham

Guide – Grassfed vs. Grainfed with Andrew Shufflebotham

Jack: A while back I decided that I wanted to dig a little deeper into grass fed beef, and find out what all the fuss was about. You hear a lot of good things – for a start, it seems that cows were meant to eat grass, not a lot of the other things people feed them (Bovine
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