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Guest Post – Robot Takeaways

Industry expert and all around solid guy Northern Munkee is back – and now he’s turning a beady-foodie eye (…plus a whole load of research) onto technology and what it’s doing for the hospitality businesses. If you buy food and drink,
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Guest Post – Steph Brookes’ Favourite Places to Eat Vegetarian in London

This is a guest post from Stephanie Brookes; BBC Radio London foodie contributor, presenter and writer. She’s gonna talk to y’all about some great places to eat vegetarian food in London…     Stephanie: There are an abundance of great
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Farmer Andrew Shufflebotham

Guide – Grassfed vs. Grainfed with Andrew Shufflebotham

Jack: A while back I decided that I wanted to dig a little deeper into grass fed beef, and find out what all the fuss was about. You hear a lot of good things – for a start, it seems that cows were meant to eat grass, not a lot of the other things people feed them (Bovine
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