Food News - Pizza Express Winter Menu For Early 2017

Food News – Pizza Express Autumn & Winter Menu, 2017

Winter Vs. Food Every 6 months or so the nice people at Pizza Express invite us to down and try some new things on the menu. It’s the new year, everyone’s cold, slightly SAD and possibly still hungover, so they’re going for indulgent (treat ‘yoself). ’Dry January’ is confronted
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Food News: Our friends @ Ceru just their first permanent London site

Followers of Tasting Britain may notice that we tend not to cover new restaurant openings – it is an impossible task in London, let alone the rest of the country. Still, we make an exception for our friends at Ceru, who just opened their first site in South Kensington, on
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whisky popup

Food News – Ancient Reserves redefines the London pop-up

Dom: When I hear the phrase ‘pop-up’, I always think of a tent-like gazebo thingy (that’s the technical term, I believe) – much like the food market outside Royal Festival Hall on weekends. It’s a bit DIY and makeshift, but slightly more high-brow
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Food News – Meat Tooley Street’s New Fast Food Carvery

Who are they? South east London has a new fast food eatery on the block, and they’re called Carve. This is the brainchild of entrepreneur, David Bear, and while you probably don’t recognise the name, you’ll more than likely know of his first venture –
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Food News – The Simpsons Winery Opens & Britain Gets A New Sparkling Wine Producer

Good news for the English sparkling wine industry (and all of us who enjoy its creations) – as of Wednesday 28th October, we have a new winery!  Yes indeed, Charles & Ruth Simpson (of Domaine Sainte Rose) and their staff have finally completed the many years
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Tasting - Mead Mondays At Swan London Review

Food News – The Mead Bar / ‘Mead Mondays’ launch @ Swan, Southbank, London

As far as British booze goes, mead is about as traditional as it comes (…no matter how unfashionable it may currently be).      You could describe it as a delicious, pre mixed cocktail, courtesy of our industrious little friends, the bees. The bee is,
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Tasting - The Brookmill Launches In Deptford

Food News – There’s a new and good pub in Deptford called ‘The Brookmill’

The Great North Wood opens ‘sister pub’, The Brookmill – in St John’s, Deptford. Deptford doesn’t seem to get all that much media attention when it comes to food and drink (hell, my spellchecker tries to correct it to ‘dept ford’ – fuck offffff!).
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Food News – Ever Taken A ‘Supermarket Siesta’? Do you want to?

Despite its title… … the Supermarket Siesta has nothing to do with the hard working people of ASDA or Lidl finally enjoying the benefits of hammocks, long lunchtimes or suntans in the workplace. No, the Supermarket Siesta could be thought of as a kind of philosophy
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Food news – Less than 90 days ’til Christmas, so get ready for TASTE

Scary as it is, Christmas is just around the corner with less than 90 days to go (shocking)! But that means we are just weeks away from one of TB’s favourite foodie events of the year.  Taste of London puts on spectacular events, several times a year and all of which
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Tasting Britain - Newmans Own Foundation Launches Charity Grants-0004

Food News – Newman’s Own Foundation announces £150k worth of grants to UK charities

Here’s a heartwarming story involving comedian Harry Hill and £150,000 worth of funding for UK charities doing good things: The Newman’s Own Foundation was established in 2005 by actor Paul Newman – to sustain the legacy of his philanthropic work. Since 1982, Newman and his
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