Tasting Britain - The Champion Notting Hill Review 001

Review – The Champion [Notting Hill]

Our Tanya, confirmed gastropub skeptic, Mitchell and Butlers veteran and notoriously hard to please food person, heads down (or should that be up…?) to Notting Hill. She is in search of dinner and Picpoul de Pinet at The Champion… Rating: Cuisine: British Pub
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Redemption Bar, Notting Hill

Review – Redemption [Notting Hill]

Tanya: Sexiness is not a word associated with Veganism, detoxing or being alcohol-free, but here is Redemption bar in Notting Hill hoping to blow away some of the ‘mungo bean eating, hemp wearing,’ stereotypes (co-owner Andrea’s word association rather than judgment…) with
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Review – Orient London [Chinatown, London]

Tanya: There’s a new Chinese in town… Chinatown to be exact. And after 40 years of trading, the closure of Jade Garden has made way for…. The Orient – who now live on this popular, tourist friendly strip of Wardour Street. Rating Cuisine Chinese (mixed) In A
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News – Briciole [Marylebone] Wins Awards For Parma Ham (yup) – Tasting Britain Tags Along

So it seems Parma Ham is big business (for those of you that didn’t already know?). There’s actually a company…well a consortium – The Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma (‘The Parma Ham Consortium’) that rewards individuals who ‘truly communicate Prosciutto di Parma’s
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Barbarella Chelsea, main restaurant area

Review – Barbarella [Chelsea]

In a nutshell: ‘Italian inspired’ cuisine with some unexpected dishes, really great prices (for Chelsea), cool and casual atmosphere, ultra attentive staff. Barbarella Barbarella’ located adjacent to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea’ FC’s grounds.. With
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