Crunchy, sweet, salty., sticky - generally amazing food

Review – Tudor Pralines

How one blacksmith became the king of sweet almonds Located in between some of the bigger boys of festival munch Tudor Pralines is almost hidden. I watch from across the path and see countless people miss it as they move from stall to stall. But to skip Nathan Williams’
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Festival or feastival?

Richard heads to Standon Calling in Hertfordshire where he tries to answer the question ‘has festival food become as important as festival acts when deciding where to spend your time and money each Summer?’ There is a scene in legendary British football hooligan film
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Standon Calling promises great grub

  You know that story you’ve heard about the guy who had a party in his back garden which morphed into a massive festival? That’s Standon Calling. In 2001 Alex Trenchard had a birthday barbeque. In 2002 he did it again, only bigger. By 2004 he had included a stage with live
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Review: Hawkyns in Amersham (Take Two)

We make an excited return to the site of a British/Medieval fusion feast but this Buckinghamshire hidden gem has changed its approach. Has it lost it’s sparkle? Rating Cuisine British/Indo fusion with perfect plating and colours to make a rainbow wel-jel Appeals to People
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Review: Belvoir’s Christmas Tipples

   Belvoir has a lot to answer for. I can’t remember the last shopping list I made that didn’t include a Belvoir cordial of some kind. It’s the bottles as much as the labels, they look so smart whilst being fashionably rustic. I hate how much I like their products. It’s
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Review: The Balcon [Pall Mall, London]

Back at the Balcon, on Pall Mall, but paying a little more attention to a fantastic and fantasy themed cocktail menu. Richard investigates… Rating: Cuisine: French bistro In a word Fantastical What is it?: A magnificent cocktail experience with a very good French restaurant
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Review: Tuk Tuk Chai Teas

At Tasting Britain we do love a new product that breaks the mold. Chai tea has been available as a coffeehouse drink for over a decade and it’s a bit of a room splitter. 50% of people love the rich herby hot drink and 50% can’t handle the floral
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Review: The Test Kitchen by Adam Simmonds

Our Richard heads down to Adam Simmond’s latest venture, The Test Kitchen, in Soho. Nothing short of spectacular, he describes it as ‘fine dining for the mindfulness generation’… Rating: Appropriate for: Adventurous eaters with an open mind Chatty
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Review: Thai Square [Covent Garden]

Our Rich – who is both highly discerning and well versed in Thai food, heads down to Thai Square’s place in Covent Garden. Planning to brave/test the menu by going off-piste, Rich is instead given a set menu, and not many choices. Predictably, the results
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Review: Galvin Bistrot de luxe [London]

The original and still the best Appeals to: ·        Lovers of classic French cooking ·        Carnivores with a lust for comfort food ·        Anyone with a taste for
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