TastingBritain.co.uk - TWID ('That's What I Do'), Battersea, Lon

Review – TWID [Battersea]

We head down to a new spot in Battersea that is nothing less than theatrical. Eclectic combinations of food + a worthy drinks menu + a highly talented man named Toby singing Arias on table-tops = the craziness that is TWID (‘That’s what I do’). We
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TastingBritain.co.uk - 'Smiths' of Smithfield, Cannon Street, L

Review – Smiths Of Smithfield [Cannon Street]

Our Jason (who could very well be the protagonist in a film about a genetically engineered super organism designed to eat beef and practice Wing Chun…) is sent down to Smiths of Smithfield’s new site in Cannon Street to see what all the steak and all the fuss is
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Ukai, Portobello Market, London

Review – UKAI [Portobello Market]

What’s a Japanese Gastropub you may ask? We’re not sure, but in terms of Ukai (est: 2006), we think it’s an amazing Japanese restaurant that has transplanted itself into the former shell of a pub on Portobello Market. Jason headed down with very little
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Product Review – Crobar Energy Bars

Would you eat something made of ground up crickets? We would, and we did. See what Jason makes of Crobar – a new type of bar made out of cricket flour (and other ingredients). As well as being better for the environment, it’s also pretty good for you. Take a
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Tasting britain - Mr Lee's Noodles Review

Product Review – Mr Lee’s Noodles

Our Jason puts Mr. Lee’s noodles through their paces (Muk Yan Jong and all) – and he’s not an easy man to impress. Heck, he doesn’t even eat instant noodles… What Is It? A range of delicious and healthy instant noodles from a guy who does not exist,
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Tasting Britain - For Goodness Shakes Review-0001

Review: For Goodness Shakes Protein Coconut Water

Our Jason takes a crack at For Goodness Shakes’ – a high protein coconut water that claims to deliver hydration and body building essential amino acids. They come with quite a price-tag, but they’re also rather convenient. Are they worth it? Read
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RAW Restaurant @ la Suite West Hotel, Bayswater, London

Review – RAW Restaurant @ la Suite West Hotel, Bayswater, London

Rating Cuisine: Raw Vegan In A Word Elegant Appeals to: ‘High class’ vegans & vegetarians looking for raw dishes both hot and cold – a very stylish setting for reasonable central London prices Hi my name is Jason and… This marks my first review for 2015, and
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Charlotte's Bistro Turnham Green - Entrance Sign

Review – The Gin School @ Charlotte’s Bistro [Chiswick]

Rating: Cuisine: English food with with a few French touches. And GIN. Can gin be a cuisine?   Appeals to: Well, for the gin school – we’re thinking gin connoisseurs, along with juniper journeyers and tentatives of all stripes. The bar staff know wh
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