TastingBritain.co.uk - The Marquis Of Wellington, Southwark, Lon

Review – Marquis of Wellington [Bermondsey]

Our Dom heads down to Bermondsey for a particularly generous helping of the Marquis of Bermondsey’s stone baked pizza and garlic bread. Result! Rating Cuisine Street food In a Word Jovial Appeals to For anyone living in south east London wanting a quiet
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whisky popup

Food News – Ancient Reserves redefines the London pop-up

Dom: When I hear the phrase ‘pop-up’, I always think of a tent-like gazebo thingy (that’s the technical term, I believe) – much like the food market outside Royal Festival Hall on weekends. It’s a bit DIY and makeshift, but slightly more high-brow
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Food News – Meat Tooley Street’s New Fast Food Carvery

Who are they? South east London has a new fast food eatery on the block, and they’re called Carve. This is the brainchild of entrepreneur, David Bear, and while you probably don’t recognise the name, you’ll more than likely know of his first venture –
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Royal China, Fulham, London

Review – Royal China [Fulham]

Many people will tell you that Royal China serves the best dim sum in the big smoke. Now in its 20th year and several restaurants opened since its inception (with a branch in Singapore as well), our Jack and Dom journey to Royal China Fulham to see if it lives up to its hard won
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Bistro Cannizaro @ Hotel Du Vin, Wimbledon, London

Review – Hotel Du Vin [Wimbledon]

Hotel Du Vin (a hotel group running since 1994) recently took up residence in the beautiful Cannizaro House on West Side Common in Wimbledon. Having now been opened just over a year, our Dom and Jack were invited down to try out their bistro restaurant – which failed to
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Serious Pig/Charcuterie Board bar launch, Peckham, London

Food News – The Serious Pig Gets Serious In Peckham

Who are they? If you aren’t familiar with them, the Serious Pig is a British based salami company that operates out of Peckham, south London. Founded by George Rice and Jonny Bradshaw in 2009, the pair wanted to come up with a snack that essentially wasn’t full of
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TastingBritain.co.uk - NY Fold, Charing Cross, London

Review – NY Fold [Soho]

“Pizza like it oughta be” (*pronouned in thick Brooklyn accent*). This is the premise of London’s first NY Fold, which can be found on Charing Cross.  Tasting Britain’s Jack and Dom followed the trail of raving Trip Advisor reviews down and were not disappointed Rating
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tasting britain - wychwood hakaroo

News – Watch out, here comes the Hakaroo!

Dom: If you’ve been following us recently, you’ll remember that we were documenting the progress of Wychwood Brewery while they create a beer for Nicholson’s Pubs Beer Festival happening later this month… Just to recap, each brewery had to select
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Review – Nantucket Beach Club, DoubleTree Hotel

Dom: There was once a man from Nantucket, as the limerick goes. Well, there were actually two lads: one from Croydon and one from Cornwall, and neither of them were even remotely close to New England, or even the States for that matter. They did, however, pay the Double Tree
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Food Challenge – Our Dom is making a beer with Wychwood Brewery!

Dom: Tasting Britain has been involved in some interesting concepts since its inception; many of which have normally ended with yours truly imbibing a healthy amount of alcohol (or unhealthy to be more accurate)…’professional glutton’ is a phrase I use often.
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