Product Review – Thriva Health Kits

Health nerds, health freaks and biohackers rejoice, Thriva has arrived. For £39 per test , Thriva will analyse your blood numbers and give you an idea of how your health is holding up. Resident meathead and aspiring awesome wholesome person Jack puts it to the test. There will be
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Q&A – Max Weinlaub [Viña Maipo]

Full name: Max Weinlaub Role: Chief Winemaker DOB: 31.03.73  Birthplace: Santiago, Chile. Website: http://www.vinamaipo.com/en/ Fun Fact: “apparently not having Twitter or a Website is funny nowadays…” J: When did you start working in the industry? M:
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Tasting Britain - Sharkninja Coffee Ninja Review

Product Review – Sharkninja Ninja Coffee Bar

Our entirely caffeine dependent cofounder Jack takes a crack at SharkNinja’s newest coffee creation, the Ninja Coffee Bar. He discovers a world of wonderful convenience and sadly overextracted grounds. Espresso, it is not – but if you’re a certain sort of coffee lover, this
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Review – La Tasca Winter Menu 2016

La Tasca – you probably know the one. Every 6 months or so, the folks behind this sprawling chain of Spanish restaurants update their menu… sometimes they are kind enough to invite us down to see what’s new. La Tasca’s winter menu for 2016 introduces (and
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Tasting Britain - Tai Alegbe Baacco b Interview-0000

Q&A – Tai Alegbe [Baacco]

Full name: Tai Alegbe Role: Co-Founder, Baacco Birthplace: London Twitter: @Baacco_com Website: www.baacco.com Fun Fact: “I come from a family of startup founders, my twin brother runs a property-tech startup, investors, partners and team members have
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Food News – The Simpsons Winery Opens & Britain Gets A New Sparkling Wine Producer

Good news for the English sparkling wine industry (and all of us who enjoy its creations) – as of Wednesday 28th October, we have a new winery!  Yes indeed, Charles & Ruth Simpson (of Domaine Sainte Rose) and their staff have finally completed the many years
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TastingBritain.co.uk - 2016 Winter Menu Update @ Pizza Express C

Review – Pizza Express Autumn Menu 2016

Every 6 months or so the nice people at Pizza Express invite us to come down and try some new things on their menu. This is the Autumn Menu for 2016 – which includes the return of some ‘old favourites’ and a couple of things (NB: as always, they’ve added more things to the
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Q&A – Jon Usabiaga [Aresti]

Full name: Jon Ander Usabiaga Aramburu Role: Chief Winemaker DOB: Dec 1st, 1965 Birthplace: Santiago de Chile Twitter Handle: @jusabiaga Website: http://www.arestichile.cl/en/ Fun Fact: Jon currently lives in a trailer! Let’s start at the beginning. You left Santiago at age
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Terlato Wines - The Federalist 2011 Zinfandel (Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley)

Product Review – The Federalist ‘Visionary’ Zinfandel 2011

We don’t usually review individual wines here, but for The Federalist’s Zinfandel we make an exception. Introducing the legendary Thermonuclear Alcoholic Ribena…    Rating Price Circa £25 In A Nutshell Thermonuclear alcoholic Ribena laced with
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Q&A – Alex Barlow [Sentinel Brewery / ALL BEER Guide]

Full name: Alex Barlow Role: Director, Sentinel Brewing Co, Master Brewer, author, beer judge, brewing consultant DOB: 11 August 1965 Birthplace: Chester Twitter Handle: @sentinelbrew Website: http://www.sentinelbrewing.co Fun Fact: Alex has what many people would imagine to
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