Tasting Britain - Andy Watts Bain’s Whisky Interview 021

Q&A – Andy Watts [Bain’s Whisky]

Full name: Andy Watts Role: Distell: Head of Whisky Excellence DOB: 04.10.60 Birthplace: Chapeltown, UK Twitter Handle: @TheWhiskyMaker Website: www.bainscapemountainwhisky.co.za Fun fact: “…as a cricketer, I batted left handed but bowled right handed” Born in
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Q&A – Andrea Freeborough [Nederburg]

Full name:  Andrea Freeborough Role:  Nederburg cellar-master DOB:  25 February, date not given Birthplace:  Zimbabwe Twitter Handle: @Nederburg Website:  www.nederburg.com Fun fact:  “I am an avid reader – my weakness is for who-dunnits
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Tasting Britain - Hanan Kattan Tabun Kitchen Interview 001

Q&A – Hanan Kattan [Tabun Kitchen]

Full name: Hanan Kattan Role: Founder, Tabun Kitchen DOB: 22nd May 1962 Birthplace: Amman Twitter: @hananfkattan Website: www.tabunkitchen.com Fun Fact: “I can’t cook!” So, let’s start at the beginning. You appear to have grown up in a family that really
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Tasting Britain - Ben Carfagnini Friarwood Fine Wines Interview 008

Q&A – Ben Carfagnini [Friarwood Fine Wines]

Full name: Ben Carfagnini Role: Managing Director Birthplace: Toronto, Canada Twitter Handle: @Friarwood Website: www.friarwood.com So, let’s start at the beginning – you were born in Canada, and you seem to have a background closer to landscape architecture than the
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Gillray's Steakhouse and Bar, County Hal

Review – Brunch @ Gillray’s Steakhouse Restaurant & Bar [Westminster]

Gillray’s…still going strong. Strong like one of their 1+KG ‘Bull’s Head’ steaks. None of that this time around, but they’ve got a brunch menu worth looking at (with lots and lots of champagne). We thought we’d head back and give it a
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Review – No 29 Power Station West [Battersea]

It took a long, long time, but someone finally (re)developed Battersea Power Station. Dubbed as ‘the first and only pub to open at Battersea power station’, ‘No 29 Power Station West’ is Darwin and Wallace’s latest creation. We went down to see how
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Tasting Britain - Cancer Research Winter Running Tips 004

Guide – 6 Ways To Run Better This Winter / Cancer Sucks

The shadow of cancer hangs over all of us. It hangs over you, me, my loved ones and your loved ones. We’re hoping that it hasn’t directly affected you – but according to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer
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Tasting Britain - Jas Hare Magic Spells Brewery Interview 009

Q&A – Jas Hare [Magic Spells Brewery]

Full name: Jas Hare Role: Company Director and Founder DOB: 25/09/76 Birthplace: East London Twitter Handle: @magicspellsbrew Website: www.magicspellsbrewery.co.uk Fun Fact: Jas has an infatuation with Eastern Bloc and Soviet Era cars. He currently owns the biggest private
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Tasting Britain - Johnny Niell Marylebone Gin Interview 003

Q&A – Johnny Neill [Marylebone Gin]

Full name: Johnny Neill Role: Founder of Marylebone Gin and Whitley Neill DOB: July 1972 Birthplace: Warrington Twitter: @JohnnyNeillGin Website: http://www.whitleyneill.com / www.marylebonegin.com Fun Fact: Has a soft spot for Elephant ornaments and collects them – all
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Tasting Britain - Natalie Wallis Langley Distillery Interview-0000

Q&A – Natalie Wallis [Langley Distillery / Palmer’s Gin]

Full name: Natalie Wallis (Palmer) Role: Group Commercial Manager, WH Palmer Group DOB: 17th October, at drinkstime! Birthplace: London Twitter Handle: @langleydistill / @palmersgin Website: www.langleydistillery.co.uk / www.palmersgin.com
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