Tasting Britain - Cancer Research Winter Running Tips 004

Guide – 6 Ways To Run Better This Winter / Cancer Sucks

The shadow of cancer hangs over all of us. It hangs over you, me, my loved ones and your loved ones. We’re hoping that it hasn’t directly affected you – but according to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer
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Tasting Britain - Jas Hare Magic Spells Brewery Interview 009

Q&A – Jas Hare [Magic Spells Brewery]

Full name: Jas Hare Role: Company Director and Founder DOB: 25/09/76 Birthplace: East London Twitter Handle: @magicspellsbrew Website: www.magicspellsbrewery.co.uk Fun Fact: Jas has an infatuation with Eastern Bloc and Soviet Era cars. He currently owns the biggest private
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Tasting Britain - Johnny Niell Marylebone Gin Interview 003

Q&A – Johnny Neill [Marylebone Gin]

Full name: Johnny Neill Role: Founder of Marylebone Gin and Whitley Neill DOB: July 1972 Birthplace: Warrington Twitter: @JohnnyNeillGin Website: http://www.whitleyneill.com / www.marylebonegin.com Fun Fact: Has a soft spot for Elephant ornaments and collects them – all
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Tasting Britain - Natalie Wallis Langley Distillery Interview-0000

Q&A – Natalie Wallis [Langley Distillery / Palmer’s Gin]

Full name: Natalie Wallis (Palmer) Role: Group Commercial Manager, WH Palmer Group DOB: 17th October, at drinkstime! Birthplace: London Twitter Handle: @langleydistill / @palmersgin Website: www.langleydistillery.co.uk / www.palmersgin.com
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TastingBritain.co.uk - The Sipping Room, West India Quay, Lond

Review – The Sipping Room [Canary Wharf]

Drake and Morgan have opened a new bar in West India Quay. Despite a somewhat naff name, these guys certainly know how to run a bar, so we sent Jack down to see what the latest is like… Rating: Cuisine: Modern European Appeals To: Young professionals and unprofessionals
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Tasting Britain - 5 Day Water Fast b 2016 000

Food Challenge – 5 Days Without Eating

A while back, our cofounder Jack decided to see what life would be like without food for 5 days (IRONY: TOP SCORE). Partly as a personal challenge, but mainly to raise money for Cancer Research UK (in the end we raised near to £700). So – what is a 5-day water fast like,
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Lakes Distillery Tawny Port Cask

Product Review – Lakes Distillery The ONE Tawny Port Finish

Sitting pretty next to the beautiful Bassenthwaite Lake, and about six miles from a place called Cockermouth (lol) in the Lake District, you shall find the Lakes Distillery – which is full of delicious spirits, both completed and maturing (and one of which you are looking at
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TastingBritain.co.uk - The Wellcome Kitchen @ The Wellcome Colle

Review – The Wellcome Kitchen [Euston]

We sent Jack down to one of London’s most fascinating (and free) museums – The Wellcome collection, which is in Euston. But, instead of letting him take in the exhibits, we sent him upstairs to the Wellcome’s restaurant for dinner. This is what happened. Rating:
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Bistro Vadouvan, Putney, London

Review – Bistro Vadouvan [Putney]

Our Jack makes the effort to go to Putney (which is actually quite good) and is rewarded hugely for doing so. Introducing Bistro Vadouvan – French cuisine, but not as you have tried it… Rating: Cuisine: French/Indian fusion Appeals To: French people. Come and see what chef
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TastingBritain.co.uk - Wellness Breakfast @ St James' Hotel and

Review – Wellness Breakfast @ St. James Hotel & Club [London]

Today we’re going to take a man who doesn’t normally eat breakfast and send him to one of the fanciest hotels in London to eat their breakfast instead. Let’s see what happens…  Rating What Is It? The St James’s Hotel and Club’s Wellness
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