Tasting Britain - Helen Pattinson Montezumas Chocolate Interview 004

Q&A – Helen Pattinson [Montezuma’s Chocolate]

Full name: Helen Pattinson Role: Co-Founder DOB: 22/09/?? Birthplace: Sutton, Surrey Twitter Handle: @chocolatehelly Website: www.montezumas.co.uk Fun Fact: Helen is the Women’s UCI World Masters CX Champion J: I know that you met your partner whilst working in law, and,
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Tasting Britain - Hannah Rhodes Hiver Beer Interview 000

Q&A – Hannah Rhodes [Hiver Beer]

Full name: Hannah Rhodes Role: MD/Founder DOB: June 1983 Birthplace: Hull (last year’s city of culture you know) Twitter Handle: @hiverbeers Website: www.hiverbeers.com Fun Fact: “I’ve swum with the largest shark species on the planet, the whale shark.” So, I finally
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Tasting Britain - Jesse Wilson & Tom Jordan Jubel Beer Interview 002

Q&A – Jesse Wilson & Tom Jordan [Jubel Beer]

Full name: Jesse Wilson Role: Co-Founder DOB: 30.11.1992 Birthplace: Isleworth, London Website: www.jubelbeer.com Fun Fact: Great Uncle was a Head Brewer Full name: Tom Jordan Role: Co-Founder DOB: 26. 03. 1993 Birthplace: Truro, Cornwall Website: www.jubelbeer.com Fun Fact
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Q&A – Arnaud Stevens [Plate]

Full name: Arnaud Stevens  Role: Owner and creative chef at Plate Restaurant  DOB: [Not given] Birthplace: Torquay  Twitter: @PlateLondon Website: www.platecatering.co.uk Fun Fact: “I can’t go a day without fizzy cola bottles, I’m addicted
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Tasting Britain - Alan Winchester The Glenlivet Interview B 000

Q&A – Alan Winchester [The Glenlivet]

Full name: Alan Winchester Role: Master Distiller Year of birth: 1958 Birthplace: Inverness Twitter Handle: @theglenlivet Website: https://www.theglenlivet.com/ Fun Fact: “I named my dog (a black lab) after the water supply in Jersey.”  So, let’s start
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Tasting Britain - Arthur Liegeois Norigami Interview 004

Q&A – Arthur Liegeois [Norigami]

Full name: Arthur Liegeois Role: Founder and Managing Director DOB: 25/04/1972 Birthplace: Paris, France Twitter: @Norigami_UK Website: https://www.norigamihq.com Fun Fact: “My friends used to call me McGyver when I was a kid as I was always full of ideas and would fix
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Tasting Britain - Tom Gosnell's Mead Interview 006

Q&A – Tom Gosnell [Gosnell’s Mead]

Full name: Tom Gosnell Role: Founder DOB: 28/07/1987 Birthplace: London Twitter Handle: @gosnellsmead Website: www.gosnells.co.uk Fun Fact: “I have a giant torso, an outrageous brain and tiny legs.” For a man who trained to be a physicist and who used to work in
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Tasting Britain - Stig Bareksten Gin Interview 001

Q&A – Stig Bareksten [Bareksten Gin]

Full name: Stig Bareksten Role: Master Distiller DOB: 27/11/1972 Birthplace: Bergen Twitter: @bareksten, @barekstengin Website: www.barekstenspirits.com Fun Fact: “Old boxer in Norway with merit. Domestic profile.” So, please give us a little backstory on your
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Tasting Britain - Alex Kammerling Mr Kamms Interview 003

Q&A – Alex Kammerling [Kamm & Sons]

Full name: Alex Kammerling Role: Founder/director DOB: 16/7/75 Birthplace: Surrey Twitter Handle: @kammandsons Website: www.kammandsons.com Fun Fact: “I once had a dump in Elton John’s toilet” [Ed: strong] J: Let’s start at the beginning. You launched Kamm
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Tasting Britain - James Hayman Haymans Gin Interview 006

Q&A – James Hayman [Haymans Gin]

Full name: James Hayman                     Role: Co-owner DOB: 28/8/76 Birthplace: UK Twitter Handle: @haymanjames Website: www.haymansgin.com  Fun Fact: “When I
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