October 4, 2016

Tasting britain - Mr Lee's Noodles Review

Product Review – Mr Lee’s Noodles

Our Jason puts Mr. Lee’s noodles through their paces (Muk Yan Jong and all) – and he’s not an easy man to impress. Heck, he doesn’t even eat instant noodles… What Is It? A range of delicious and healthy instant noodles from a guy who does not exist,
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Tasting Britain.co.uk - Mead Mondays At Swan London Review

Food News – The Mead Bar / ‘Mead Mondays’ launch @ Swan, Southbank, London

As far as British booze goes, mead is about as traditional as it comes (…no matter how unfashionable it may currently be).      You could describe it as a delicious, pre mixed cocktail, courtesy of our industrious little friends, the bees. The bee is,
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Tasting Britain.co.uk - The Brookmill Launches In Deptford

Food News – There’s a new and good pub in Deptford called ‘The Brookmill’

The Great North Wood opens ‘sister pub’, The Brookmill – in St John’s, Deptford. Deptford doesn’t seem to get all that much media attention when it comes to food and drink (hell, my spellchecker tries to correct it to ‘dept ford’ – fuck offffff!).
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