February 23, 2015

Grill La Tour - Restaurant Area

Review – Grill La Tour [Birmingham]

Rating Appeals To People who like big strong wines and/or big strong steaks, in the style of the big strong American steakhouse that we’re doing so well in this country People taking other people they want to impress during a ‘date type scenario’ – a
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Recipe – Speedy Biryani by Ben’s Beginners for the Big Cookathon

The BIG Cookathon is an initiative by The Children’s Food Trust to get children and families regularly cooking and eating healthy meals together at home. This year the Cookathon dish is Speedy Biryani, brought to you by Ben’s Beginners, part of Uncle
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The Big Cookathon 2015 6th-9th March

Sadly in this day and age it’s becoming more rare for families to cook or eat together. We are becoming more reliant on takeaways and ready meals, and our future generations risk lacking the understanding of what good food is and means. The Children’s Food Trust is in
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