February 5, 2015

Recipe – Sichuan-style Aubergine with Tofu by Cauldron

Looking for a vegetarian option to serve up this Chinese New Year? Cauldron Foods has designed this great dish using sichuan-style aubergine and is served with Chinese style tofu and sauce. An easy to make dish and perfect to celebrate the New Year.
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ASDA Extra Special Tasgall Whisky 25 Year Old - Blended Scotch

Product Review – ASDA ‘Extra Special’ Tasgall Whisky 25 Year Old – Blended Scotch

Rating Price: Circa £50 In a Nutshell: Well, definitely an impressive first go for a premium whisky – and at a very impressive pricepoint for a 25 year. Nice, rich gold colour, and some cool branding – though it obviously lacks the rich history and heritage that most
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