February 3, 2015


Profile – Dr. Kim Lloyd [UGG Foods]

Disclaimer: Tasting Britain does not advocate any particular dietary approach, although Jack has been ‘involved’ with the palaeolithic diet since the mid 2000s. Full name: Kim Marie Lloyd Role: Founder DOB: 10/4/64 Birthplace: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Twitter
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Iconic Cornish Cream

Product Review – Rodda’s Clotted Cream

Most famous for their Cornish clotted cream, I actually can’t remember Rodda’s ever not being in my life. But that’s because I live down in Cornwall, pretty close to the place it’s made. So over the years I have seen them rebrand packaging from a traditional milk maid to the more
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Review – Marley Spoon ‘dinner in a box’

So easy even my boyfriend could do it! Marley Spoon is a new company on the block, which looks to inspire people to cook more adventurously. They offer a unique service, delivering ingredients and tried and tested recipes right to your door. What do you get? The chefs at Marley
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