January 29, 2015

Ken Hom’s guide to using chopsticks for Chinese New Year

Chopsticks are an integral part of the Chinese culture, but they can be a little on the tricky side to try and master! Tasting Britain’s good friend, Mr Ken Hom shares his top tips on using them and the correct etiquette.  Hold one chopstick in the index finger, cradle
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Review – Chocolate bouquets from The Flower Stork

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and for many this means purchasing a big bunch of red roses for their nearest and dearest? But what if your significant other is less flowery and more foodie? The Flower Stork has a fantastic range of gifts to suit everyone you know. We tried
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Endorsed by the World Robert Burns Federation, the Robert Burns Single Malt is produced by Isle of Arran Distillers who, unsurprisingly, are based on the Isle of Arran (they're actually the only distillery on the island, and started production as recently 1995). The Robert Burns comes in at 43% ABV - it's about 70% bourbon cask aged, 30% sherry cask aged. This was sent to me as I had plans to do something fun/stupid for Burns Night 2015 (and it doesn't get any more Robert Burns than this, does it?). The Arran also make the 'Robert Burns Blend' - which I have yet to try. In case you weren't aware, Robert Burns is one of Scotland's favourite people - he was a poet and writer, and Burns night is a celebration in his honour with haggis, whisky, music and poetry. All good stuff.

Product Review – Isle of Arran Distillery – Robert Burns Single Malt

Rating Price: Circa £30 In a Nutshell: Not memorable but an OK to slightly good whisky. As in, one you’d happily drink but not one that really sticks with you. It feels like it delivers at its price point. Maybe it is a little immature? In appearance it could pass for a
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Recipe: Aromatic beef & chilli noodle hot pot by Bord Bia – The Irish food board

Chinese food is delicious and often packs a punch in flavour, but often it’s hard to recreate that depth at home. The team at Bord Bia have created a fantastic one pot wonder, using marinated Irish beef to seal the flavour right into the meat. This is a great dish to try out on a
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