November 25, 2014

Review – Mash Direct

Pre-prepared vegetables just took on a whole new persona. These dishes, prepared by a Northern Irish family at their own farm, bring a range of delicious flavours and textures that genuinely taste home-made and are free from all of the nasties that usually come with instant
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Meatopia 2014

Review – Meatopia 2014

Rating In a nutshell “Meat, Drink, Fire, Music” Appeals To This would appeal mostly to blood thirsty carnivores. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, this is actually your worst nightmare and I’d strongly recommend waking up as Freddy Krueger is at the foot
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Recipe – Castello Brocoli Tree Pots

This party season Tasting Britain, along with Castello Cheese and Stefan Gates are helping you look good in front of your guests. This recipe is cute and fun and could even help encourage kids of all ages to eat their greens as brocoli becomes mini trees.  
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