October 16, 2014

WineWeaver Aerator in black

Review – WineWeaver Aerator AKA ‘Tasting Britain Tries Aerating Alcohol And It Actually Works’

Rating Price £24.99 What’s it supposed to do? You pour your wine through the WineWeaver (which sits on top of your wine glass/decanter) and through the process of aeration, the wine should taste better. The Verdict It does indeed change the taste. Usually, but not
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Recipe – Salted Caramel Chocolate Rolos by Jesse Dunford Wood of Parlour Bar

Who would you give your last Rolo to? The choice could be even harder when you’ve made them yourself. This awesome recipe has been shared with us for Chocolate Week courtesy of Jesse Dunford Wood of Parlour Bar. For this recipe you need to source some chocolate casings,
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Recipe – White Chocolate & Berry Pots by TOTAL Yoghurt

White chocolate, yoghurt, berries – what more could you ask for in a little pot of joy. Enjoy yourself during Chocolate Week and share this love pot with friends and family.
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