September 18, 2014

Highland Park Dark Origins Whiskey Bottle

Product Review – Highland Park’s Dark Origins

Rating: Price: £65ish In A Nutshell: Tastes amazing but the finish is too short. Would recommend to new whisky drinkers with just a few drops of water added as the burn is subtle and quick to pass. Dark Origins So, we begin our first whisky review with much beloved Orkney based
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Quark Protein Pancake - With Yoghurt & Berries

Recipe – Gluten Free Quark Protein Pancakes

As a substandard cook but passionate weightlifter, I spend a lot of my time trying to come up with more inventive, healthy and delicious ways to ‘carb up’ up on the days in which I need to. It is in this hungry and physically depleted state in which a lot of my low
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